Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Experimental Rock & Disco


Album Name : Experimental Rock & Disco

Song Name :
- Mafia Jalanan <- (silakan klik utk download)
- Gadis Metropolitan <- (silakan klik utk download)
- Jomblo Abadi <- (silakan klik utk download)

All song created by DenJaka

Gadis Metropolitan & Jomblo Abadi recorded by DenJaka
in 2010
at Fajar Ahadi House (Yogyakarta)
operated by Fajar Ahadi
mixed by Fajar Ahadi

Mafia Jalanan recorded by DenJaka
in 2008
at Bridge Music Studio (Yogyakarta)
operated by Mr Evan & Mr Keno
mixed by Mr Keno

Vocal by Qepang
Drum by Dimas
Bass by Inggra
Guitar by Gilan & Ardha
Arranged by DenJaka

Cover Model by "LinDa with EphiPhoNe GuiTar"

DenJaka say thanks to :
Allah SWT,, thanks God for the all.. Muhammad SAW,, your way is the best.. Bridge Music Studio with Mr Evan & Mr Keno,, Fajar Ahadi,,, nice operated & mixed.. Djejaka's & Djejakawati's,, like Kunti :-o whahaha... all band in the world.. all song in the earth,, all music studio in Yogyakarta.. all friend and family... "Orang Tua",, good peace water.. Linda,, thx 4 pic however u don't know.. :p lovely Ephipone,, the Fender,, and all merk of instrument.. 6che 06 community.. thx 4 the support.. angkringan DPR.. sego-kucing + teh anget = wareg... PallMall cigarette Djarum, Gudang Garam, Dji Sam Soe,,, all "Mafia Jalanan", "Jomblo Abadi" & "Gadis Metropolitan" in the world.. Everything Everything & Everything...... THANkS A LOT...

Just listen & download our song.....!!!!

yeaaahhh,.,.,.!!!!!! :D